The 8 Best Websites For Chinese Dating In The UK

At times, it feels as though dating can be a little bit of a minefield. Traditional dating sites and apps such as Tinder are fine for casual conversation, but aren’t always the best place to make a meaningful connection with anyone, and when you are searching for a partner with specific heritage, the dating pool on conventional dating apps is just too big.

Luckily, there are a handful of sites which specialise in pairing Chinese singles with their perfect match! Here’s an introduction to those sites, and a little more information to decide which one could be right for you.



ChinaLoveCupid boasts an impressive 1.5 million members, so there’s a good chance that your ideal partner could already be a user of the site. This service is used mainly by single Chinese men and women, but isn’t available exclusively in China, and is also open to singles of other nationalities who are specifically seeking out a Chinese partner. Founded in 2005 under the Cupid Media network (who operate thirty niche dating sites similar to ChinaLoveCupid), this site is well established and is one of the most popular Chinese dating sites worldwide.

You can join the site and begin reviewing your matches for free, so there is no commitment to a subscription if you are not completely satisfied that you could potentially meet a partner on ChinaLoveCupid – though it appears that thousands of users already have. If you are worried about the free sign-up process leading to the presence of fake accounts or scam profiles, the staff at ChinaLoveCupid have you covered – all new users must submit a form of personal information, and this information is verified within hours, removing new accounts that appear suspicious or may not be entirely genuine. The site’s messaging feature translates messages automatically, and tends to give out accurate translations, so a language barrier isn’t such an issue here.

You are also able to see how compatible you are with potential matches when you view the user profiles, and can filter out messages from users who have low compatibility ratings based on the information that you fill out yourself. Another benefit is the accompanying app, which is free to download and allows you to communicate with matches wherever you are.

While you do have the option to use the site for free, ChinaLoveCupid’s premium membership is an essential for unlocking the full potential of the site. Luckily, premium membership with ChinaLoveCupid is reasonably priced, with their 12-month plan breaking down to just £9.99 per month.

Advantages: Verified profiles means less chance of matching with fake users. Free-to-download mobile app allows you to date on-the-go. Built-in message translation.

Disadvantages: While the site has 1.5 million members, it is estimated that only 15,000 of these are active users based within the United Kingdom.

Real User Review: “True to its name, this site has lots of women from China who are looking to find love. I’m glad I joined ChinaLoveCupid.” – Chen, 28



Chinese Kisses has been around a long time, having been founded in 2006, and has built up a user base of hundreds of thousands over the last fourteen years. While this seems comparatively low next to the much larger user bases of other Chinese dating websites, it may be down to the lack of free content offered by Chinese Kisses.

While you can create your account for free, you have to pay for a subscription to the site to actually go on to match and chat with other users, with subscriptions for the site starting at £26.99 per month. This kind of policy can be both a blessing and a curse for new users – it can be an advantage in the sense that the users are usually far more serious about looking for love through the website, as it is unlikely that anyone looking for casual conversation would pay for a subscription when there is free alternatives on offer elsewhere. However, it also means that you must pay to join with no way of knowing whether or not the site is definitely right for you, which could be a risk for some.

For daters who prefer to browse from their mobile device, there is a version of the site optimised for this which appears to work effectively. Unfortunately, there isn’t yet a dedicated app for the site, though this could appear in the future.

One of the main advantages of the site is that you can rate the profiles of other members, which in turn leads to users being shown profiles that appear more compatible with their own interests.

Advantages: Paywall means that users are more likely to be serious about finding love.

Disadvantages: No dedicated mobile app. Users can’t try the site for free before subscribing.

Real User Review: “We met in 2014 after first talking on Chinese Kisses, and continued to stay in contact every day. We were married in 2015!” – Piero & Ying



This particular site is geared more towards European and American men who are looking to date Chinese women. While AsiaMe makes it clear that their service is not simply for casual conversation and that the majority of users are on the site in order to find a lasting relationship, some users do have some doubts over the legitimacy of this claim.

The reason for this is that many of the functions of the site – including the viewing of photos, videos and even live chat – must be unlocked using ‘credits’, an on-site currency which are purchased with real money. AsiaMe says that this is to provide users with a safer experience, as it prevents the use of ‘bots’ within the website, but many users feel this could simply be a money-making scheme. After all, half an hour’s conversation with a potential match may set you back up to around £77, as the site’s live chat feature is charged per minute.

One of the reasons many users do still appreciate this site over others is its video chatting capability, which many competing sites do not offer. Face-to-face conversation often helps to build a better bond with potential partners, and it goes without saying that this sets users’ doubts about catfishing to rest. You can even specify when searching for new matches that they must have video chat capability, so you don’t waste any time getting to know partners where these conversations would not be possible.

Overall, there are users who speak very positively of AsiaMe, and the site itself encourages the search for long-lasting connections – but be aware, it will cost you.

Advantages: The site offers video chat capability, and paid content filters out ‘bot’ accounts.

Disadvantages: Near enough all functions of the site cost real money to use.

Real User Review: “I joined AsiaMe to understand why people even comprehend it, but I have come to realise that this is one of the best platforms for communicating with women from all over the world.” – Michael



While 2RedBeans is open to users of other nationalities, the majority of the site’s members are singles from China looking for potential partners who share their same cultural background and life values. The site boasts a user base of over 700,000, so there is ample opportunity for UK users to meet a potential match.

One of the factors which set 2RedBeans apart from the rest is that you can bookmark certain users who you feel that you connect with the most, so that you see their messages before those of other users who you do not feel as much potential with. You are also able to view their profile and messages more conveniently. Alternatively, you are also able to hide certain users who you do not feel any connection with from any of your future search results.

Some features on the site are premium features, though these can still be accessed by non-premium members by using the on-site currency of ‘diamonds’. Diamonds can be earned by non-premium members by completing challenges which seek to determine how well a user exhibits classically attractive traits, such as being charming, insightful and popular. Diamonds are then used to unlock features when messaging potential matches.

Many of 2RedBeans users are not simply using the site in order to chat to other singles, and are usually looking to meet a potential life partner. This is clear due to the detail given in the majority of member profiles. Much of the additional information you are asked to fill in on your profile is optional, so it is easy for users to tell from a fellow single’s profile whether or not they are looking to build a lasting connection from the amount of detail they have put into their profile on the site.

There is a free-to-download app to accompany the site, and users can still use the site for free or purchase ‘diamonds’ for specific activities, and there are a range of different payment plans available to those who wish to have a premium membership.

Advantages: Many users are looking for a lasting connection. Most features are still available to users who do not purchase a premium subscription.

Disadvantages: While the total user base is over 700,000, it is estimated that only 18,000 of these are active on a consistent weekly basis.

Real User Review: “I love this service! I have been searching for an app where I can meet other Chinese singles for a long time, my roommate introduced me to 2RedBeans and I have met many great people!” – Jenny



Most people who have used or have considered dating sites have heard of eHarmony, as it has consistently been one of the world’s most popular dating sites since its inception in the year 2000, now receiving over 5,000,000 visits each month. What many don’t know, however, is that eHarmony also operates some more niche services for daters who are looking to find a partner that meets slightly more specific criteria – one of these services being eHarmony Chinese Dating.

eHarmony’s Chinese Dating service is open to all singles of Chinese descent who are serious about building a meaningful and long-lasting relationship, asking all new users to fill out a series of answers to questions which help define their goals, traits, aspirations and general life values to potential partners on the site. One of the reasons eHarmony is so widely trusted is that the operators of the site have the power to reject applications from potential users if they feel the user isn’t looking to build a serious relationship or is not willing to give much detail in their profile, so you know that all your matches on the site are people who really do want to make a connection.

This site is particularly appealing to singles of Chinese descent who are exclusively looking to meet fellow Chinese people, as international users or Chinese users who are open to relationships with those of different ethnic backgrounds can simply use the main site. eHarmony pride themselves on the fact that their service looks to cater to exactly what their daters are looking for in a potential partner, whether it’s common interests, life values or cultural background.

Advantages: Users are almost always looking to build serious and long-lasting connections, and this is something the site staff make sure of. Widely established user base within the UK and worldwide.

Disadvantages: The site is open only to UK singles of Chinese descent and not to those who live permanently in China.

Real User Review: “After meeting my first chosen match, I cancelled meetings with other users as I knew he was the one. Two years on, we are happily married!” – Mandy



ChinaLove has a wide base of users from all over the world, and looks to match people of all nationalities with Chinese singles, most often non-Chinese men with Chinese women. While many features of the site are paid, this appears to be due to the number of users who come from wealthy backgrounds or have high-income careers, such as lawyers, doctors and heiresses.

Many of ChinaLove’s users have commented on how quickly they were able to find someone with whom they could enjoy long conversations or may have built a long-lasting connection with. All members of the site are also privately verified by site staff to ensure that they are exactly who they claim to be on their own profiles, which other users can browse before deciding whether or not they would like to strike up a conversation. The public profiles themselves are rather simplistic, so it’s up to the users to get to know each other if they feel that they could be compatible based on the core information available before messaging with each other.

ChinaLove, overall, offers all of the necessary features of the average dating site, but also seems to have a wealthier base of clientele, making it ideal for users from high-income backgrounds who may often worry about the risk of being taken advantage of by online partners before meeting in person, as many of the users are of a similar financial status. There are free members, but to qualify as a free member, you must apply to the site and demonstrate that your profile will contain high quality and consistent content, and that you will be an active user of the site. Both men and women can apply to be a free member, in contrast to certain sites where this option is only open to female users.

It also appears from the website that ChinaLove strives to deliver members with more matches per day than many other websites, so there may be a higher chance of finding a suitable partner a little sooner.

Advantages: Higher class of clientele, ideal for high-earning users looking to find someone of similar financial status.

Disadvantages: Some features on the site can be accessed only through individual payments on a per-use basis.

Real User Review: “Thank you from the bottom of my heart! ChinaLove really helped me, and my Chinese partner and I are planning to marry – when the time comes, I will tell everyone how I met my special lady on ChinaLove.” – Rufus



Despite being launched just three years ago in 2017, TrulyChinese have established a large base of users who are looking for love. Similar to other sites on the list, TrulyChinese is used mostly by Chinese women who are looking to build relationships with men of non-Chinese descent. The majority of the single Chinese women on the site speak good English and can communicate effectively with their matches, often preferring the company of older men who are financially and personally stable.

However, the site doesn’t encourage relationships which are purely transactional – the women on this site, like the majority of male users, are serious about finding a long-lasting and meaningful relationship, ensured by the verification process that new applicants will have to go through in order to open a profile on the site and begin chatting and exchanging messages with potential partners.

One of the site’s best features is its advanced search tool, which allows users to filter potential matches according to age, gender, location and other personal qualities, such as whether or not they are open to the idea of having children, whether they drink or smoke and even their occupation. This is ideal for anyone with a very specific idea of what they are looking for in their Mr. or Mrs. Right, and will save you time you may have otherwise spent waiting for the right opportunity to ask these questions!

Advantages: Advanced search tool allows you to find users based on the qualities that you find the most attractive.

Disadvantages: The site is geared mostly towards Chinese women and non-Chinese men, making this a less attractive option for males of Chinese descent.

Real User Reviews: “It’s great! I would recommend this site to anyone who is looking for their soulmate. Thank you!” – Ruthie



LoveVite is used by users of Chinese and non-Chinese descent alike, who are seeking lasting connections with singles who share their same core values and common interests. While, again, many Chinese dating sites are geared toward non-Asian men and Chinese women, this site is used also by non-Asian women seeking Chinese men. With this in mind, there is sure to be someone out there for everyone on LoveVite.

The site asks users to fill in detailed profiles, allowing the algorithm of the website to match users based on the things that make them the most compatible, and to others who share their values and interests. The profiles feature an overall compatibility rating, too, so members can quickly and conveniently see how likely they are to get along with a certain other user based on their profile without having to read the whole profile for themselves.

There is also a great feature to the site which allows users to ‘tag’ potential matches based on their first impression during a conversation. For example, whether the person was friendly, kind or funny, among showing other attractive qualities. These ‘tags’ are then used to boost the visibility of the users’ profiles, so the majority of users try their best to deliver a positive first conversation with potential matches in order to do well under this innovative peer review system.

As an extra bonus point, this site is almost entirely free to use! There are paid features, but unlocking these certainly isn’t necessary in order to enjoy the service to its fullest.

Advantages: Detailed profiles allow users to get to know potential matches a little before getting in touch over chat. ‘Tag’ system encourages kind and positive behaviour between all users during first conversations. Most features are free to use for all members.

Disadvantages: This site is in Chinese without using an auto-translate feature, so maybe less accessible to UK users who do not speak the language.

Real User Review: “Exactly what I wanted to use! Members are real, photos are real and it was a nice experience!” – Jayelle

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