How to Describe Yourself on Dating Apps and Sites

Have you ever struggled to write a bio? You’re not alone. When you’re faced with a blank page, writer’s block can set in easily, especially when the topic to write about is you.

If you’re not sure how to describe yourself, take a look at other profiles for inspiration. By seeing how other people approach writing a bio, you can learn about your options. But be mindful that not all profiles out there are necessarily good profiles.


Getting inspiration is a good idea, but you should never steal someone else’s words—especially when it’s supposed to be something personalized like a biography. It’s a bad idea to copy someone else’s dating profile because they are not you. You want to be as honest and transparent as possible in your dating profile because your goal is to meet people who you are compatible with.

A part of being honest with others involves being honest with yourself. If you’re not sure how to describe yourself, you might be struggling with understanding your own identity. It’s okay to do a little soul searching before sitting down to craft your profile. Taking time for silent reflection might help some ideas come to mind.

You could also brainstorm topics for your dating profile by making a list of things that you enjoy doing or things that make you happy. You could write down your pet peeves and favorite places. Ask yourself questions. What is your most sentimental memory? What makes you feel excited or elated? When was the last time you cried? What are your favorite movies, foods, and activities? What are your greatest values? What inspires you?

It’s easier to get along well with people who have common interests, so you want to showcase some of those interests in your dating profile. Once you know what you want to share about yourself, start writing about those things!

You want to strike a balance between sharing enough details about something that people will bring it up to you and leaving enough information out that there’s still more to the story. Think of this as a collection of conversation starters. What would you enjoy talking about on a first date?

You want to put enough effort into describing yourself so that it shows you care, but you don’t want to go overboard. Oversharing can be as detrimental as under-sharing.

Also, consider that certain details will attract different kinds of people. Some people find it essential that they share information about their height, weight, ethnicity, or other physical features. If you share this, it shows that physical appearance is important to you, and you might attract people who are more interested in your specific body type than who you are on the inside.

Keep in mind that your biography is about you. While it’s okay to include what kind of relationship you’re looking for, don’t include a laundry list of all your requirements for a potential partner. You’ll likely scare off anyone who doesn’t fit your exact specifications, and the more strict you are, the less likely it is that you’ll find someone who lives up to your expectations.

If you’re still struggling to describe yourself, here are some ideas to include on your dating app bios:

  • Mention a meaningful experience you had
  • Talk about places you’ve traveled to
  • Give some information about what you do at work
  • Explore your values and beliefs
  • Dive into one of your interests
  • Share details about your hobbies
  • Tell people about your pets
  • Mention your favorite genres of music, movies, or television shows
  • Use leading phrases like “ask me about…”

Remember, the most important part about describing yourself on a dating site is being honest about who you are.


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