How a Black Woman Can Seduce a Rich Man Through Text

Falling in love with a rich man is easy but black women might be asking themselves “how can I seduce him?”. Winning a man’s heart is very easy if he likes you and once you have his number, it’s time to make sure you are the last thing he thinks about before he goes to sleep. You will be able to seduce any rich man via flirty text messages if you use the tips that will be highlighted below.

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1. Make him aware that you are thinking of him

Even though he is rich, his brain is wired the same way as every other man out there meaning that he loves attention so that he feels special. Send him a lovely “good morning” text so that it is the first thing he sees when he wakes up or something along the lines of “thinking of you” during the day. This will encourage him to pursue because he will see that you’ve been thinking of him which is a very powerful gesture.

2. Give him some compliments

Complimenting someone is a very clear sign that you find someone desirable and just like women, men love compliments too. When you are texting him, compliment his personality, the way he looks, his value, and more.

This will captivate him knowing that he has a lovely woman showering him with compliments and also make sure that these compliments come from the heart. Don’t just say them because you want to be nice, mean every word that you say because it will mean so much to him.

3. Use laugher to brighten up his day

Rich men have busy lives and can sometimes have very stressful days at work. To brighten up his mood on days that he is feeling low, you can exchange some teasing banter via text messages. You will have the keys to his heart if you send him a few jokes during the day or have funny conversations with him. You are more than welcome to add a little flirty message while you are joking around with him, however, just make sure that what you send isn’t offensive, critical, or comes across as mean.

4. Have deep and intellectual conversations

This is a switch from the point above and while it is all well and good having banter with a man, you also need to show him that you can have a deep and intellectual conversation with him too. There will be times when he is not in a joking mood depending on the type of day he is having so it helps to be versatile.

If there are new topics you are fascinated about, send him text messages on those because a mental connection is as attractive as an emotional connection. He will adore your communication skills because you can be funny and have intelligent conversations at the same time.

5. Show your support

He might be ambitious already but sometimes men want a woman by their side who will inspire them to be better than he currently is and accomplish big things. Show an interest in the things he is passionate about through texts and cheer him on when he is about to take on challenges whether it is in his personal life or professional life. Act as his confidant and support him in every way you can because this will boost his confidence.

6. Send him suggestive text messages

Drop a few little subtle hints here and there letting him know how much you want him to be close to you and gauge how much he is into you. If a rich man wants you in his life, he won’t take long to pick up on your hints and will pursue you.

Pay close attention to his replies and if he replies with a few hints of his own then the feeling is mutual, he wants you as much as you want him. There will be a shared enthusiasm there, not a one-sided one which is good moving forward as you continue to chat via text.

7. Send some sexy selfies

Rich men love to be around women who look stunning and if you want to seduce them, you have to show off your sense of style as well as your sex appeal. If you are wearing a nice sexy outfit or just got your hair done at the salon, send him a sexy selfie of yourself rocking your new hairstyle or outfit.

If you feel comfortable, you can take things up a notch by sending him a more revealing picture to raise his body temperature. Less is better sometimes when it comes to seducing a man and he will appreciate those steamy lingerie or underwear pictures so much so don’t be afraid to experiment to send his imagination wild. Seeming you in steamy pictures will make him want you all to himself.

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