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match uk is the best-known online dating site in the US, living up to its “making love” insurance. To be honest, the site has driven more singles to more data, links and relational unions than some other dating sites. It has the largest paid user base of any other dating site, despite an exceptional success rate for its users. was launched in April 1995 and has since pioneered the online dating industry.

Chance of Getting a Date 5 star
Profiles & Matching 4 star
Layout and Usability 4.5 star
Active Users 5 star
Messaging System 5 star
Help and Support 4.5 star

Sign Up

The enrollment process takes less than 10 minutes. It contains only 20 questions and a bundle of checkboxes that represent your basic profile, different preferences, and prospects for a possible match. There are also compiled signs that you can round off when needed, but they are not obliged to access their information resources, which are included in their free accession.

Profile Building

If you visit the website for the first time, you will get the simple join form. It takes about 90 seconds to complete. Once you are asked for an arrangement of about twelve addresses, you will eventually receive some information about yourself. This ends your profile and you will be redirected to a member page with their various rate alternatives.

Top Features

  • you’ll find an exceptionally natural interface, and it’s stacked up with some really smooth features.
  • The daily 6 feature
  • Take for example the Daily 6 included the feature. On some days you may be overly busy, making it impossible to spend hours looking through the huge number of profiles. This is the place where the Daily 6 is very useful, presenting 6 profiles to you every day, considering your preferences.
  • The quiz feature
  • There is also the quiz feature. This will allow you to search up to 20 prepared queries, which will then appear in your profile so that guests can see and answer them. It was intended to incorporate knowledge into his character but in a coquettish and unobtrusive way.

Pros & Cons


  • is one of the largest dating sites on the Internet
  • A very planned website without advertising
  • Profiles are far from difficult to sift through and contain a great deal of data to help you figure out who you’re talking to
  • The seat gives a number of approaches to search for matches
  • UK reveals whether a part is a paid part


  • Automatic recharge
  • The high cost of membership for a single month


As the eldest platform, you can be guaranteed to truly take their part at home near privacy. They also cooperate with national associations on mindfulness of well-being for motivations behind data fraud and individual safety in the dating cycle. With dynamic tips for the safest way to date securely and hide certain subtle elements to the point where you’ll be familiar with a potential match and reliably break the first data in an open location, supports the well-being of its customers.

Ease Of Use:

While has a lot of features, there is still an easy side to explore. Most of the sites are crystal clear, and if any part needs additional support to understand the site, has a useful help page. The site also offers a range of tracking alternatives so that individuals can easily discover potential discoveries in terms of the criteria that matter to them most. Alternatives include a buzzword and custom appearance in terms of traits, such as ethnicity, trust, instruction, and stature.

  • Custom Look allows you to search for users who are in your district and are online at this point
  • Reverse Coordination gives you the ability to search for profiles of people chasing someone with their characteristics
  • Mutual coordination gives users the opportunity to discover singles who have comparative answers in the “About My Match” section
  • Date Spark brings a new wind to the search. You can propose a date and see who is responding, or you can respond to a user who has suggested a date on which you are working UK Membership Prices 2018

Duration Price per Month
6 Months £9.99
3 Months £19.99
1 Month £29.99

Editor’s Verdict:

If you’re fed-up of being lonely, is an incredible place to start your scan for a mate. Of all the dating sites in the UK, the one I trust offers the greatest appreciation and potential for singles who are not kidding to break out of their dating site. This a site for those looking for real mates.

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