5 Best Millionaire Dating Sites in the UK

Are you tired of your daily routine and looking for someone with whom you can share some quality time but cannot find someone who’s loyal and is interested in you instead of your money? Someone who’s attractive and can match your lifestyle? For all those successful millionaires who are struggling with relationship issues and are unable to find their perfect match. They do not need to worry anymore as internet have made life easier, there are certain sites that have been made specifically to solve your relationship problems. These sites not only give you a platform to meet someone who’s professionally at the same level as you are but also help you out throughout your relationship through counselling, training, tips and tricks and even by providing you with sidekicks or wingmen to accompany you. Those days are gone when only the fuck boys and girls would rule the internet. Now through these websites you can find someone trusting and compatible who’s interested in a long term relationship. These websites take your personal information which is highly guarded and only used for the purpose of providing better service to you. We will be discussing about the best five millionaire dating sites in the United Kingdom.

#1 MillionaireMatch.com


MillionaireMatch (MM) is the number one millionaire dating application and website and for 18 years it has been connecting successful rich singles that are looking for a compatible partner. Someone who’s an attractive single and matches with their lifestyle. This website/application has been mentioned positively in numerous blogs and articles throughout the time. It has been voted as the “Best of the Web” by Forbes.com, this only further validates its reliability and authenticity.


  • As it’s a match making company, the advantages it offers to its users are that it attracts only the successful singles with rich backgrounds which means the kind of audience/users it has are elite so you will only be finding the person who has a similar lifestyle as yours.
  • People will not try to date you for your money as they will have money with themselves too. So the whole purpose would be to find a compatible match to live a happy life.
  • The kind of service MillionaireMatch provides is very user friendly. There are proper counselors and live supporters who are only there to help and guide you along your way. Whether it’s from creating an account on MillionaireMatch to helping even after your match is made.
  • It has a separate platform to learn from others experiences and specially a big help for those who do not know a thing or two about dating.


  • There are always pros and cons of everything. While we talked about the pros, we will be discussing the cons too. However, they are not many so there’s nothing to worry about.
  • This service is only the successful rich singles can date someone who’s equally successful while the ones who earn below it cannot have the luxury to date someone from Millionaire March.
  • It is also possible for people to use the other millionaire person only for their money or that person comes out to be a sugar daddy or baby even though the website has prominently mentioned that no sugar daddies or babies are allowed but how can one know someone’s intention.
  • The pictures that are uploaded on the website’s luxury show can be misused by others.


Apart from providing you the love of your life MillionaireMatch has other features as well such as it has ‘Forum’ which is specifically made for discussion on different kinds of topics and interests. There are proper categories from which you can select the one you want to initiate and create discussion on, you can even suggest new categories by emailing MillionaireMatch. It contains dating advices as well which are pretty helpful while dating either online or offline.

There’s another feature named as ‘Luxury Show’ where all the photographs of every members’ luxury items are uploaded. There’s a proper category from where you can select which type of luxury items/photographs you want to see such as jewelry, autos, home décor, boats, arts & culture, aviation, real estate etc. And these categories can be sorted according to the gender as well.

#2 SeekingArrangement.com


SeekingArrangment provides relationship on your terms. There’s no dragging as they have made it quite simple to state your desirable expectations and terms on which you want the relationship to work. You can easily become their client by just joining their website and will be exposed to millions of other members within 5 minutes. This site makes sure that attractive and successful people can have a little spark in their lives by providing mutually beneficial relationships. Even their registration process is pretty simple; everything is on their main page of the website. You just need to define your gender to get started with the registration process.


  • There are no strings attached as the relationship is built on your own mutually decided terms and expectations. This is the biggest benefit of this website as mostly dating websites promise a more restricted format where the individuals have to be interested only for a long term relationship.
  • There are four sugar babies for each sugar daddy as in there are thousands of women who are ready to meet you as soon as you become a member.
  • Similarly, for sugar babies there are expert sugar daddies who offer their valuable experience and guidance to stable your relationships for a long term.
  • The website gives proper information and definition regarding what they are offering as a service so that no one can get fooled or misunderstood before using their website.


  • You can get involved with someone whose only intention is for having a physical relationship and can get violent if those intentions are not properly fulfilled. They can abuse or misbehave with the other person.
  • The client cannot find a trusting relationship as there are millions of members on the site and all of them have different desires which they have mentioned but their purpose for a relationship can change later on.
  • The whole site is mainly focused on having sugar daddies and babies where someone with a purpose of long term compatible relationship can forget about it.


SeekingArrangement allows you to share private photos with the one you are connecting. You can also share your expectations and terms while attaching the photos.

They have the feature of “favorite other members” who you think might be of your type. If a relationship does not work out with someone and you have favorited a person preciously who you liked so through this feature you would be able to easily find them.

If you are a member of SeekingArrangement you might get the invites for their parties. Where you can meet up with different members and communicate with them in person.

#3 MillionaireMen.co.uk


MillionaireMen is one of the famous millionaire dating website for UK. Where millions of successful and healthy millionaire men register themselves in order to be dated by an attractive and equally successful woman. So the rich and successful women who are also looking for a millionaire man can come here and browse through the options that match their requirements. It differs from other such websites as it merely focuses on millionaire men. By doing this they can connect any beautiful woman with someone who’s wealthy and ready to create mutually beneficial relationship.


  • You can become their member for free. This shows that they will have a good pool of men as their members. As sometimes people do not bother to register for the sake of going through the whole procedure of payment. The procedure is also pretty simple as the main page caters with the registration.
  • They also have an application for the same website. This makes it easier to use MillionaireMen because cell phones are in everyone’s hand most of the time.
  • Their website/application is customer focused and secured as they verify their members before putting them up. The website is also not a spam as it has been used by many millionaires either men or women.


  • Like most other applications and websites which provide the similar service, Millionaire Men does not have any relationship guidance procedure where they help out the individuals during their match up process.
  • The face of the website is not too tempting or attractive compared to other similar websites. As it only have one main page and no glitz and glam on their website or application.
  • The cover photo of the men represents sugar daddies and if someone who wants a stable long term relationship instead of a physical one might not be able to find someone like that.


As the website has only one page. Their main feature is that they provide a free sign up and the registration process in right in the front with easily doable procedure.

Another feature they have is that they provide the direct information of what they have to offer like in this case they are offering millionaire men who are interested to meet beautiful women. And both genders can use this website to find someone for their selves.

#4 onLuxy.com


Luxy is one of the well known elite dating site and application which has been in action since 2014. It is known for connecting individuals who are sophisticated and extraordinary in their lives. The website has been recognized by different media which helped them to improvise and provide a better service. They promise to provide the best elites who are outstanding and successful in life to be with someone who is equally cable of success. Basically the cream of the society can be found here who are interested in long term healthy relationships as they cannot find someone on their own or have trust issues with people.


  • The application and website is so well know that it is sponsored by big companies such as CNN, CNBC, Vogue, Forbes, Bustle, DatingNews.com and etc. This gives it an edge over other websites which can be doubtful but not Luxy as it is well known among people.
  • Luxy has strategically used its sponsors and published their reviews about the website on its front page where the most user interaction takes place. This way the users feel safe and are more interested to use the website to explore what’s the hype is all about.
  • The world has moved on but not all the millionaire dating websites except Luxy. As Luxy provides dating opportunities for both genders even if the genders are of the similar sex. This opens more opportunities for people who are bisexual, gay or lesbian.


  • When there are pros, there are cons as well. However, in Luxy’s case there are not many cons to be stated.
  • Luxy has been able to maintain a good image but with more power comes more responsibility, as Luxy’s every action is on public forum they cannot effort to make blunders as they will affect Luxy’s image drastically and people would be reluctant to use their website.
  • It’s Luxy’s policy to have no sugar daddies or babies but the kind of hub that Luxy have, many of them will not be interested in long term relationships instead something that is more mutually beneficial.


Luxy’s gives their members the opportunity to show case their love story through sharing romantic pictures as well as the story itself. This feature is on their main page after some scrolling.

Another feature is that Luxy’s registration is for both male and female, even if someone is looking for relationship with the same gender. This allows the LGBT communicate to be a part of Luxy as well.

#5 EliteSingles.co.uk


EliteSingles is known for providing serious relationships with over 85% of its members being thirty plus and educated. This website is not only for the successful young cream of the society but also for those who have crossed their thirties and even sixties and are still looking for someone to share rest of their lives with. They claim to have a pretty good success rate in providing relationships that have lasted and continuously work on their match making algorithms for providing better service each time. All their members have to go through a personality test which is for EliteSingles to use in matching the perfect individuals with each other instead of only focusing on the areas that they live in.


  • This site is all about people finding serious committed relationships. As most of the websites have mixed individuals, this one promises to filter down the ones who are sincere and committed in relationships.
  • Along with the benefit of serious relationship, EliteSingles also provide those singles which are educated and relatively affluent. This important as having money is not all one needs when it comes to serious relationships, one should have the basic knowledge and ethics of life too.
  • EliteSingles have their own application named as “eDarling” where they have individuals between 33 to 50 years age group. However, you are only connected with those who are likeminded, interesting and matches your personality.


  • As EliteSingle filters down the individuals according to themselves this leaves less chances of finding someone and also it’s not necessary that someone with the similar personality can be the one for you.
  • Elitesingle is mostly focused on those people who are between 30 to 50 years of age. Members who are younger than this age criteria will have struggle finding someone of their own age if they do not want to get involved with someone elderly.
  • The website talks about serious and committed relationships which restricts its clients as there are elite people who instead of a serious relationship are looking forward for a more mutually beneficial one.


One of their features is solely for the purpose of making their clients comfortable and aware about the professional dating that this site provides. For which they have created a separately page with the name of “professional dating” in which they are educating their users about how their website works.

They have made sure that the people who are classified as Christians can be catered here too. For which they have again created a separately page with the name of “Christian dating” explaining their procedure of how it’s secure to find someone with the similar value criteria.


All the websites which are mentioned above are some of the best millionaire dating sites in UK which caters to the need of whole society be it the youngsters or the elderly. Each site has its unique features which makes it different from the other. In all the websites the privacy of the user is given the utmost importance which is the main concern of most individuals. All of the sites are specially designed to cater the needs of successful and brilliant millionaires who are struggling with relationships and either need guidance or some partner in their help with whom they can share their deepest darkest desires. There are applications and websites such as Tinder which deal with most of the population however these websites mentioned above only deal with the top 1% of this whole population. People with money have many insecurities and trust issues as they are mostly loved and used by people who are interested in their wealth and money instead of them. These sites give them a platform where they can find someone with the similar lifestyle whose mere interest is in a long term healthy relationship as they already have the money to spend.

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